About Us
March 26, 2016 — 16:26

Goodpoopy.com Was Born Because I Love Dogs. Growing up we had several dogs over the years. Our cast of canine characters were from poodles to the beloved mutt. Once, My Little Sister Bit Our Dog Because He Kept Jumping Up On Her & Nipping At Her. I Was Horrified! The Truth Was We Knew Little Or Nothing About Dog Training.

Several Years Ago, I Began working In a veterinary clinic. I was privileged to see every single dog
come in the door and then go home with their human. I learned a lot about dogs. I Learned More About Humans. One thing I discovered is that people generally love dogs, but need information about training, nutrition, weight control, & emergencies.

I also worked at an animal emergency center. This was The Real Eye Opener Only Confirming That People Need Information.  All The Moments Of Of My Life Led To The Creation of Goodpoopy.com

Thank You Everyone For All You’ve Given Me.